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Window Tinting in Anderson SC

Tint Sesh Believes in offering quality in everything we do. We use the highest quality products and films the industry has to offer. If you need home window tinting or automotive tint we have all the tint solutions for you!

Automotive Window Tint

Professional car window tint service prevents direct sunlight from entering your vehicle – keeping your cabin cool in the scorching summers!


Commercial Window Tint

Our finest protective office window tint services and window filming are the ultimate solution to heat reduction. We guarantee a safe, pleasurable work environment without taking away the view!

Residential Window Tint

Our premium home window tint service provides you quick, quality solution to block direct sunlight exposure to your rooms, keeping the home environment cool.

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Our car wrap and coating services will keep your rides looking crisp and fresh. Get a custom look, superior protection, and a deep long lasting shine. We have many options to protect your on-road and off-road vehicles. 

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