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Car Window Tinting In Anderson SC


High quality window tint with high quality service. We proudly use Autobahn Window Films for all our automotive customers.

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Auto Window Tinting Anderson SC

Driving your car in the scorching summers is hard enough. Especially when it is exposed to direct sunlight. The excessive amount of heat build-up makes your air conditioning use more power or gas. In the blazing heat of the sun it’s impossible for you to sit in the vehicle and drive comfortably. That’s when you need us! 

Tint Sesh in Anderson SC can help you beat the heat! – tint will keep your car cooler regardless of the place you’ve parked it. Our window films block 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting you from skin damage and the interior of your vehicle from heating.

Our automotive window tint services help in:

  • Blocks Solar Infrared Heat

  • Preventing interior sun damage

  • Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays

  • Reduces blinding glare while driving

  • Increases privacy

  • Improves your vehicle's appearance


Our Automotive Films

Tint Sesh is an authorized dealer for Autobahn we use their films exclusively.


Autobahn Black

The best film if you are looking for a dark long lasting tint job. Made to block UV rays and add privacy, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Autobahn Black Ceramic

Autobahn Black Ceramic

Autobahn Black Ceramic

Ceramic window film that is designed to give you the best performance with the best price. No low angle haze or cloudy hues, backed with a lifetime warranty.


i3 Ceramic

When only the best will do. i3 Ceramic is made with the latest cutting edge technology to beat the heat! i3 is backed by the Autobahn national warranty program.

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