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Car Window Tinting In Anderson SC


High quality window tint with high quality service. We proudly use Autobahn Window Films for all our automotive customers.

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Auto Window Tinting Anderson SC


Experience a Cooler and More Comfortable Drive with Tint Sesh in Anderson, SC! If you're tired of the intense heat and harmful UV rays affecting your driving experience, Tint Sesh has the solution. Our expert team specializes in providing top-notch automotive window tinting services to residents of Anderson and the surrounding areas. Our window films are designed to block 99% of UV rays, ensuring that you and the interior of your vehicle are protected from sun damage. Not only will you stay cool in the summer, but you'll also enjoy improved energy efficiency with a reduced strain on your air conditioning system. Trust the experts at Tint Sesh for all your automotive window tinting needs in Anderson, SC - schedule your appointment today!

Our automotive window tint services help in:

  • Blocks Solar Infrared Heat

  • Preventing interior sun damage

  • Protecting your skin from damaging UV rays

  • Reduces blinding glare while driving

  • Increases privacy

  • Improves your vehicle's appearance


Our Automotive Film Line

Tint Sesh is an authorized dealer for Autobahn we use their films exclusively on vehicles.


Autobahn Black

We set the bar high with our entry level film, Autobahn 'Black' is a dark and sleek tint that blocks UV rays and adds privacy to your car. It has a lifetime warranty backing you in case of any discoloring, fading, bubbling, or peeling

Starting at 199

Autobahn Black Ceramic

You can afford the best. Now you can get it. Autobahn Black Ceramic window film is designed to give you the best performance with the best price. AutoBahn doesn't settle for haze or cloudy hues, so you never will either. Backed with a lifetime warranty, you can feel confident that your car's layer of protection won't fade away anytime soon

Starting at 299

i3 Ceramic

When you work hard, you deserve to play hard. And when it comes to playing hard, the Autobahn i3 Ceramic is nothing short of perfection.  The latest in cutting edge technology has gone into designing the i3 Ceramic, and once installed on your vehicle you will immediately feel the difference. Constructed with a nano-ceramic layers of protection, the i3 Ceramic will keep you cooler and safer than ever before.

Starting at 399

A La Carte

Two Front Windows

Backs dark enough? Add some protections and privacy to your truck or suv.


Tint Removal Full

Don't deal with the headache let us do it for you and properly. We know the secrets to getting off fast.


Back Window Only

Just need the back glass tinted? Whatever the reason we can get you covered.

Starting at 100


We use our darkest shade for all front strips, each one is adjusted to meet your needs.


One Window

Have a window replaced? No tint on it already? We can do it for you.

Starting at 40

Full Windshield Tint* 

We offer Ceramic films that are super clear and block out loads of heat. *We do not offer dark shades on windshields.

Starting at 140
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