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Commercial Tint In Anderson 

Looking for window tint on your storefront, business, or building? 

Tint Sesh is here to help. Let us go over all the options and films to give you the best results for your specific needs.

Why Tint Sesh?

  • We provide professional service

  • Experts at commercial window tinting

  • Knowledge of what films work for your needs

  • Complimentary Estimates 

  • We offer the highest of quality window films

  • Customer satisfaction is our goal 

  • Plain and simple we like tinting let us do it for you

Solar Tint

The best film for blocking the sun and adding privacy to your storefront.

Solar window films are designed with the purpose of blocking solar energy. Tint Sesh uses 99% UV blocking films. The many shades and colors can make commercial window tint overwhelming for new customers without any guidance on film options.

Solar Film Options

  • Uv Films (good for privacy and budgets)

  • Reflective Films (mirror finish and a great energy saver)

  • Ceramic Films (IR absorbing technology)


We offer all these in many shade variations we can help you choice the right one. 

Decorative Tint

Customize your space and give your business a unique look.

Decorative window films come in so many options and textures. Picking one is the hardest part of the decorative film process.

Decorative film applications

  • Privacy with light (Frosted films)

  • Window delete (Black Out Films)

  • Aesthetics (Color films)

We can help you find the right decorative films for your place of business.

Security Tint

Add protection without loosing your view.

Security films are tested and proven to withstand a certain amount of impact before a break through occurs. The amount it can withstand varies depending on the glass, film thickness, window frame, and if an anchoring system was installed.

Security Films

  • 4mil (minimum level of security, good for inspection code windows)

  • 8mil (average level of security, good for residential/office windows)

  • 12mil (high level of security, good for storm debris and beak ins)

  • 14 - 18mil films (ultimate level of security, we highly recommend the anchoring system that seals the film to the frame)

We have missal impact testing data on all our films and will provide any information for the job if it is required.

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